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We are an outdoor education company teaching whole health living. We give children, youth and families exposure to lifestyle based approaches for their improved wellbeing alongside their environment. Using a rock climbing and regenerative agriculture model we intend to encourage a community of individuals focused on lifelong health and positive human impact.

We feel it’s necessary to explain our name. Google will return a somewhat undesirable definition of the our term. Dirtbag history is well rooted in the obscure, no doubt. So, as the societal perspectives on dirtbag life are ever changing, so too is our own understanding.

All we can say is, an individual who is committed beyond their current circumstances to living the most achievable version of a dream, is a dirtbag. To be a dirtbag is to sacrifice popular norms in search of a personal niche. A dirtbag reduces consumerism to a minimum. They choose life experience over material possession at every available opportunity. A dirtbag tries in every way to minimize the total negative footprint of the journey while maximizing the value of each footstep. Simultaneously, we have come to believe that the most beautiful creations in life spawn from a handful of soil. Seemingly unattainable peaks can be supported by a bag of dirt.

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