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What about when snow leaves, but school stays!?

Throughout May and June we off an after-school, outdoor or 'crag' based program.

These are similar to our indoor programs in that there are multiple groups over multiple evenings of the week. The difference being that group size is often smaller, and the duration of the evening is longer.

Last year we met Monday through Thursday, 4pm to 7pm. Pick-up and drop-off was behind Cedar House Restaurant up on Almberg Rd. 

Individuals will experience the world of outdoor top-roping and real-rock systems as well as an increased focus on hazard recognition and mitigation techniques. Participants will also be exposed to more complex equipment and styles of climbing. All activities are designed to suit each age group. We pride ourselves on setting kids up for success, and climbing requires a very large foundation of knowledge in order to enjoy the sport life-long. 

To register click here!

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