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Member System Overview

"I already know this, Gimme the Goods!"

We want to keep things as simple as possible, so you can can focus on climbing, rather than the value of your purchase. 

We operate with recurring online memberships. These memberships can be canceled anytime, at no additional cost. It is your responsibility to cancel your membership if you stop using the facility.

Those who maintain more frequent memberships, earn more Send Stamps, and experience greater benefits. This is our equivalent to extended passes and related deals.

We would rather give you back your money than constantly feel like we're asking for it. If we use an online auto-pay system, we can treat you more like a member of our family than a client of the company and trust that those using the facility are paying for it, unless otherwise discussed. A safe, community based experience is our number one priority.

In addition, when you sign up online, it makes it easier to adjust your membership price when we hit certain active member benchmarks, or reduce our rates for summer pricing.

Climbing (and gardening) is all about trust. When we trust our partners, we achieve great things. The partnership between members and Dirtbag Corp are no different. Our member process encourages community engagement, educational standards, and combines financial contributions towards community growth, and public access to food and recreation. We want to increase the strength of our community foundations, so each individual has a better chance of achieving their own heights. The Dirtbag Corporation hopes that the result of its actions improves everybody's ability to go further, together.

Plus, the way we see it, the more members feel responsible for the community, the more we can focus on improving the facilities and programs surrounding it. 

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