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Looking for more info on our indoor after school programs?

Then you've come to the right page!

Our after school programs are broken down into 3 groups, listed and explained below:

  • Explorer series (ages 5 to 9)

  • Explorer series (ages 9+)

  • Sender series (all ages)

Our Explorer Series is for the kids that like the gym and the community it provides, while staying active and learning at their own pace along the way. These sessions are heavier on climbing related games and other fun based activities related to the sport of indoor climbing. Our goal is always to get kids hooked on sport for life!

Our Sender Series is for the kids who have been climbing with us for at least one season, and are stoked to push the sport to their own limits. This series includes a greater emphasis on climbing technique and headspace. Consider this program if your child wants to get strong!

Start times and age groups are assigned based on the bookings. Please register for the day you would like to join and we will be in contact with you regarding the session your child has been assigned. We my have some flexibility if the given session does not work with your schedule. Registrations can be completed here.

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