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New company name, professional company experience.

Dirtbag Climbing Corp was incorporated federally in early January of 2022 by its sole director, Daniel (Dan) Geddes. Though its title is hot off the press, there is a lifetime of youth programming and outdoor education experience behind the branding. The Dirtbag Corporation is an extension of a comprehensive list of past and current certifications and work experience with youth in an outdoor setting.

The company operates primarily through Dan's rock climbing certifications. He is an Apprentice Rock Guide (ARG) under the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). Dan is also a Top Rope Climbing Instructor (TRCI) under the ACMG and he has a strong background in recreational climbing. Recently, Dan and the Dirtbag Corporation moved into what used to be Dogtooth Climbing Gym. With this upgrade we hope to expand youth program quality and reach.

Prior to Dan's years of focus on rock, he worked with a number of other youth program facilitators both public and private. Experiencing a range of guided and coached activities including but not limited to: white water and lake canoeing, outdoor climbing, mountain biking, hiking, nordic skiing, lacrosse and ringette. This included overnight camps and multi-night out trips. The range of certifications Dan has held in the past is wide, including but not limited to: Paddle Canada Lake and Moving Water Intermediate Instructor, SRT Level 1 (swift water rescue), CANSI Level 1 (nordic ski instructor), CASI Level 1 (snowboard instructor) and ICC, CCC and NCCP (coaching courses).

Dan also holds a Brain Story Certification through the Alberta Family Wellness initiative which is geared towards buffering adverse childhood experiences.

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